Sunday, 10 November 2013


My birthday was TWO WEEKS AGO but I'm only now getting the chance to write this post (sorry about that)

On the 27th of October, I turned the age of 17 years old, and for a change I actually did a few things 'worth-while' to celebrate. Over the surrounding days of my birthday I done multiple things, and enjoyed every bit of them. I had such a amazing birthday thanks to my loving family and friends.

For my birthday, me and my friends decided to take a little day trip to London. We all woke up on the Monday morning at 5:15am (YES, 5:15AM. A M. IN THE MORNING) scrabbled to get dressed and ready half asleep and ventured to Cardiff to catch our MegaBus. And I understand that MegaBus isn't the most elegant, fast and sophisticated form of transportation, but for a £24 return to London and back each is unimaginably amazing compared to train prices, even though it took twice as long to get there as a train would.
After spending 4+ hours on this bus as a result to heavy traffic caused by a crash, we arrived at London Victoria Coach Station around 12pm, grabbed a quick bight to eat and then ventured on the Underground, heading straight towards the shops. While we emerged from the Tube we straight away stumbled across the MOTHER-SHIP OF ALL TOPSHOP/TOPMAN. After exploring many stores, spending to much money and having slight panic-attacks in the extremely, crazily full of people who don't care if you're "in the way" Primark, we were all pretty pooped out, shopping for 5 hours straight in the congestion and fast-paced High Streets of London, we headed back to the Coach Station while grabbing foods and drinks as we went along, as we did have an hour left, we took our time.

FINALLY arriving back at the Coach station (early if I might add) we got ready to board our coach and head home for the 7pm MegaBus too Cardiff. Well more like 7:30pm as a result to delays. We jumped on the MegaBus Gold (slightly posher version of the standard MegaBus) and headed home back to rainy Wales.

The trip was such a great experience, actually pulling this off an having no major disasters I must say I done a pretty good job. Especially as I have never organised a trip away for just me and my friends! *accepts trophy for Best Organisational Skills 2013.* We have been talking about going up again in the Christmas Holidays and staying the night, hopefully that will happen.

My AMAZING birthday cake
made COMPLETELY by my

Overall I really enjoyed my 17th birthday, and have to thank so many people for celebrating it with me! :)