Sunday, 10 November 2013


My birthday was TWO WEEKS AGO but I'm only now getting the chance to write this post (sorry about that)

On the 27th of October, I turned the age of 17 years old, and for a change I actually did a few things 'worth-while' to celebrate. Over the surrounding days of my birthday I done multiple things, and enjoyed every bit of them. I had such a amazing birthday thanks to my loving family and friends.

For my birthday, me and my friends decided to take a little day trip to London. We all woke up on the Monday morning at 5:15am (YES, 5:15AM. A M. IN THE MORNING) scrabbled to get dressed and ready half asleep and ventured to Cardiff to catch our MegaBus. And I understand that MegaBus isn't the most elegant, fast and sophisticated form of transportation, but for a £24 return to London and back each is unimaginably amazing compared to train prices, even though it took twice as long to get there as a train would.
After spending 4+ hours on this bus as a result to heavy traffic caused by a crash, we arrived at London Victoria Coach Station around 12pm, grabbed a quick bight to eat and then ventured on the Underground, heading straight towards the shops. While we emerged from the Tube we straight away stumbled across the MOTHER-SHIP OF ALL TOPSHOP/TOPMAN. After exploring many stores, spending to much money and having slight panic-attacks in the extremely, crazily full of people who don't care if you're "in the way" Primark, we were all pretty pooped out, shopping for 5 hours straight in the congestion and fast-paced High Streets of London, we headed back to the Coach Station while grabbing foods and drinks as we went along, as we did have an hour left, we took our time.

FINALLY arriving back at the Coach station (early if I might add) we got ready to board our coach and head home for the 7pm MegaBus too Cardiff. Well more like 7:30pm as a result to delays. We jumped on the MegaBus Gold (slightly posher version of the standard MegaBus) and headed home back to rainy Wales.

The trip was such a great experience, actually pulling this off an having no major disasters I must say I done a pretty good job. Especially as I have never organised a trip away for just me and my friends! *accepts trophy for Best Organisational Skills 2013.* We have been talking about going up again in the Christmas Holidays and staying the night, hopefully that will happen.

My AMAZING birthday cake
made COMPLETELY by my

Overall I really enjoyed my 17th birthday, and have to thank so many people for celebrating it with me! :) 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I have been feeling very Autumnal (I am in love with this word, discovered this weekend) at the moment. And I don't think I've ever been 'exited' for Autumn. Its always the time where I look forward to my birthday and realise how close Christmas is (NEARLY 2 MONTHS JUST TO LET YOU KNOW!!!) But this year is different somehow, I never regard Autumn as one of those months where I'm looking forward to the change of weather. It's normally either the sun in the Summer or the snow in the Winter, and Autumn and Spring get seriously ignored, sorry guys... 

This year I am so looking forward for the temperature to drop, leaves start turning into rich shades of red, orange, yellow and brown, start layering up, bringing out the winter-wear and just being warm and cosy. I think this want has been born from the long heat wave we had this Summer. By the end of it I was sick of constant sunshine and temperature in the high 20's if not higher. I feel like its about time Winter comes around the corner. 

Its pretty sad really that I'm actually exited to layer up, get some new knitwear and experiment with new styles. For some reason I'm starting to find my self getting obsessed with knitted jumpers with some sort of shirt underneath with a colour that contrasts the colour of the jumper. It's a look that's grown on me substantially within the last week or so. 

There's quite a few things I have to look forward to over the next few weeks leading through the Autumnal period, quite a few things I want to do and accomplish and also a sneaky little wishlist to update my Autumn/Winter wardrobe (if there's any room left that is...)
Over the next couple of weeks are always busy ever year, and this year is not exception, and this is a week I like to call birthday week. Where me and my two older sisters celebrate our birthdays within the same week, spooky don't you think?? (Insert Halloween pun) But yeah birthday week starts on my oldest sisters birthday, the 22nd of October, and ends the day after mine on the 28th. In this one week I have four days of school, two shifts in work, MULTIPLE meals planned/semi-planned for birthday celebrations, visit to and from many different relatives and a day trip to London. For my birthday, me and my group of friends have decided to have a day trip to London, to do a bit (LOT) of shopping, see some sights and have some memories and have an experience of something we haven't done before, being 17 and the fact that's its London, I think all of our mothers will be on pins that day... Also coming up is my half-term, Halloween and Bomb-fire Night. Bomb-fire night is one of my favourite celebrations, even thought I don't actually celebrate it on the actual date due to school, but I still LOVE IT!! 

Over the next few weeks I definitely want to update my wardrobe for a more Autumnal/Wintery feel. I want to expand my knitwear and shirt collection to expand my much loved style at the moment. I also want to revive my denim collection as my jeans don't really fit me any more from weight-lose, I definitely need a pair of grey super skinnies and a pair of light blue super skinnies. I would like to start wearing more hats, but with my current hair style, wearing a hat turns my head into an egg. Also I would like to delve into scarf's, a long, black and red chequered one is on my radar. I also need new shoes. I definitely need a wider variety from my pair of white Converses that I wear with pretty much everything. I'de like to get a nice pair of brown leather boots and a pair of comfortable high tops.

This years excitement for Autumn has been discovered for the very first time, and I have to say that I'm pretty exited. I also realise that this post went off on a little tangent, but I'm just in one of those moods. Make the most of it while it lasts Jack!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013


So seems as I have immensely busy these last two months with juggling
school and work, my blog as among other social networking/hobbies has been SERIOUSLY ignored, and as a result I did not have the time to right a 'Goodbye September' post, and to be fair I didn't really have anything to write about besides being back at school... So I've decided to do a little review of the months and some favourites as we transfer into the lovely Autumn climate throughout September & October! :) 

So what's been going on?

Pretty much all I can think of as to what I've been up to over the last 2 months is being back at school studying for my AS Levels in Sixth Form. The school year is currently going good, but I feel now that we are in Sixth Form with the higher privileges, plus from revising so hard for my GCSE Exams in the Summer, I still feel as though the academic year still hasn't kicked in and that my motivation for school work has completely diminished. Its not like there is nothing to do, I have PLENTY of work that needs doing, but I feel too relaxed about it all and am just not in a work mind-frame for some reason... Hmmmm strange...

Another things that's been going on is work. I'm really enjoying my little part time job as a Sales Assistant at Outfit. I love the feeling of being independent in terms of money and finances. I feel much more free in that aspect. But I do enjoy the job its self, I feel now after 2 months that I'm settling in and getting to know people quite well and building friendships. :)

Autumn Favourites so far??

I must say that as the night draw in, I become a real home bug. There is nothing more that I want to do than be cosy. I feel that I revert back into this person around this time of the year that just has different preferences. I like that the colder weather brings out the winter-wear of knitted cardigans, jumpers and coats, the cable-knit and  the fleece and cotton blankets getting pulled out to keep warm in the early mornings before school. The introduction of the different, cosy foods. Like warm cups of tea, cinnamon and ginger flavoured treats are a AUTUMN MUST!!!! They just make you feel all warm and happy inside. I also find that I go out more on random days out. I love the random meals here and there and the late night, after school trips to Cardiff just make me feel, just ahhhh. I also refer to Youtube as the temperatures decrease. I get really (extra) hooked on Sprinkle Of Glitter & Zoella's vlogs/seasonal videos. They are just so relaxed and cosy they just put me in such a better mood, and these kind of videos always come around at this time of year, AND I LOVE IT MUAHAHA!!! 

What's planned for the rest of Autumn??

Well the next 2-3 weeks are JAM PACKED!! I think that I might be doing at least one thing EVERYDAY. This time of year is ALWAYS busy for me. One things that's coming up is mine and my two older sisters birthdays (all in the same week) so we have plenty to celebrate. I am also going on a sneaky, cheap London trip/day with my friends for my birthday which I am super exited for!!! I also have school next week, half term the week after, work amongst them all of it and multiple meals to juggle in between all of that!! Also Halloween and Bomb-Fire Night are fast approaching, and these holidays/events really get me into the great seasonal mood and realise that Christmas is just around the corner!!! Okay... Inhale... Exhale...

That's all I have to say for this post, just a quick catch up to explain myself, say what's been going on and get back into the swing of blogging!! Autumn is such a great season, don't you agree? :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Screenshot of my Tumblr Blog currently.
EVERYONE has insecurities, and things that they hate about themselves. Things that people would possibly do anything to change these hates about themselves, and this can in, worse case scenario, become very serious problems. It can end up with people doing things to their body that aren't healthy in anyway. People can become obsessed with loosing weight, possibly leading to a eating disorder. People could result in self harm to try and "deal" with the pain. 

I am not a type of person who endorses in these things, and these sort of problems that people can end up with ARE NOT RIGHT. People make out that self harm is 'okay', that it's 'okay' to feel like that, but ITS NOT. People need to come to a realisation that these things are wrong, and must be fixed in anyway possible

And we find there is a lot of help out there in concern to self confidence, weight worries and help on self appearance and to make things better. But when you think of this, I assure most people think of girls. Teenage girls that have these confident issues and really do need help. Don't get me wrong, it's great that there are organisations out there to be dealing with this, but step back and think about boys. What help is there for boy with body issues? What help is out there for boys self-confidence? As I imagine, I would of thought not that much compared to girls. It's not heard of for boys to have body issues, but they do. Boys have just as much issues as do girls. Boys are surrounded by what's the 'perfect man' and I assure you every boy/man what's to be that definition of the perfect man, they are constantly surrounded by girls and other boys discussing what they want in a 'boyfriend' and how they portray what boys/men should look like. Boys are constantly surrounded by good looking men, with the perfect body, the perfect jawline, the perfect hair, the perfect skin, and this can be just as damaging for boys as it is for girls. People don't realise that boys need help to. People don't see the need do help boys with these problems because its 'not what a boy should act like'. Well what should a boy act like? Not all boys are the same. 

Body confidence issues are with EVERYONE. Everyone wants the perfect body. Everyone wants the perfect skin. Everyone has that image in their head of how they want to look, including myself. And having this obsession isn't healthy. We obsess over how we want to change ourself into the person we want to be, if that's personality or appearance. We are a generation that is obsessed with body image. It's unhealthy. But admit it, you can't help but stand in front of the mirror, holding parts of your self that you hate away so you can imagine what you could look like without them.   

I thought of this blog post by spending a while on Tumblr and seeing SO MANY 'perfect' looking people, and how that made me feel.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


So the lovely Naturally Jes has nominated my small little blog for a 'Liebster Award'. And when I saw this I was actually quite shocked! I cannot thank Jes enough for taking that much love into my small, little blog. I have only been bloging since July, and this is a huge achievement in my eyes!! So I must thank Jes so much!! :D

The criteria, if you should accept this award, is as follows:

  • Thank your nominator by linking back to their post
  • Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator
  • Make a list of 11 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 or more up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers for this award
  • Provide a list 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Publish your post and contact your nominees with the good news

Here are the questions that I was asked to answer;

1. If it were possible, which wild animal would you keep as a pet?

I would have to say a Panda. I love Pandas! I know they are a bear and they can kill you (I think) But they just look so cute and fat and I just want one!!

2. What inspired you to Blog?

Hmmm I must say Youtube. I watched many Youtubers before I entered the 'Blogging Community' , and I loved the whole idea of 'vlogs' and how they document your life and share with so many people. Not having the confidence to start a Youtube Channel, after watching video's from Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella, I thought that blogging would be a great substitute, and I love it!! :D

3. Tea or Coffee?

TEA!! I am a true Brit and tea is our drink. I don't like the taste of coffee but I love the smell, like the smell when you walk into Starbucks or Costa Coffee. But then again I only like tea with sugar in it, so maybe if I tried sugar in a cup of coffee my opinion would change.

4. Favourite cartoon as a child?

Hmmm this is a tricky one, I watched soooooooo many cartoons. I loved Rugrats, Kim Possible and more! But my all time favourite from a young child and still now has to be The Simpsons.

5. Would you like to visit Australia. Why or why not?

I WOULD LOVE TO VISIT AUSTRALIA!! It's one country that's on my bucket list. It has such high prosperity's, its so modern and the weather looks great!!

6. Favourite animal?

I must admit, in my mind animals sound great. All friendly and fluffy and loving. But when I get near to animals in person, I don't want them anywhere near me. Its like I have some weird phobia of some sort...

7. Favourite song at the moment?

This had changed from when I started writing this blog post to when I am publishing it!! But my favourite song at the moment is 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus. When I first heard this song, it just reminded me of the old Miley!!

8. If you could be one superhero who would it be and why?

Well I can't really think of a superhero, but I would love superhero powers. I would love the ability to fly, just to see the world in such a different view!! I would also have the power of invisibility. You would be able to go anywhere and no one would ever know you were there!!

9. What country do you live in, and what do you like most about it?

I live in Wales, In the United Kingdom. And I love many things about the country. But one of my most favourite things about it is the History!! The UK is full of history!! You are ALWAYS learning something new and interesting! I love it!!

10. Favourite colour?

Now this one is constantly changing! At the moment I think it might be white (Boring I know) But I just love how simple, clean and minimalist it can be!!

11. Do you have any pets?

I have a goldfish if that counts? But I have owned multiple pets in the past :)

Now, eleven facts about me;

1. I will be 17 years old on the 27th of next month!! YAY!!

2. I have just started my first year of sixth form at Ysgol Llanhari and am studying Art, Design Technology, Business Studies and Geography for my A.S Levels.

3. I love photography, but never actually pursue it further that Instagram...

4. Winter/Autumn is my favourite season, mostly because of My Birthday, Bomb-fire night, Halloween,Christmas and snow!! :D

5. I would rather watch a whole TV series rather than one film.

6. I have a part time job as a Sales Assistant at a retail store.

7. I cannot keep houseplants alive for more than a month. (Looking at the plant in the corner of my room that's starting to turn brown... Oops!!)

8. Money seriously burns a hole in my pocket, but if I really want something, I will save everything and not spend a penny (not 100% true) until I've saved up enough to get it.

9. The thought of growing up terrifies me.

10. I'm a very organised person. For example, my wardrobe are organised my type of clothing (vest to hoodie) and then by colour.

11. I'm a creative person. I love every aspect of creativity from art and design to decoration and fashion. I love everything visual!

My nominations for this tag are;

And here are my questions;

1. What is your favourite season and why?

2. What is one thing you could not live without?

3. What's one thing that you're looking forward to?

4. What has been your favourite memory of this year so far?

5. Why did you start blogging?

6. Which country do you most want to visit?

7. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

8. Favourite season?

9. What's your favourite TV series at the moment?

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

11. What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Again, A HUGE THANK YOU to Naturally Jes!!! :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013


The last couple of weeks have been MANIC for me! I have literally not stopped!! Between going back to school, starting my first job and getting back into my exercise regime, I have had hardly any time to my self. I have been constantly on the go with little rest. 

Today is the only day over the last 2 weeks where I have had no plans, and that's only because I chose not to. I had plans but re-scheduled. I needed a break! 

I have neglected my blog, I have had so many blog idea's and half written blog posts but have simply not had the time to do them. I haven't even had the time to read my favourite blogs. So many things have been happening so fast that I haven't had time to do the things that I enjoy! I have a few blog posts that I have written today for me to post throughout the week.

I am completely grateful for the opportunities that have been put in front of me, but I sometimes take on more than I can handle, and I need to learn that I cannot do everything and must let something's go. 

I'm enjoying school. I'm enjoying work. I'm enjoying exercise. But I need to make more time for myself! :)

Monday, 9 September 2013


I do realise that's its now September 9th, but being back at school and starting a new job has drasticly taken up most of my time, and I have not had much chance to post my 'Goodbye August' post, but HERE I AM!! ;)

So August for me is the month we say goodbye to Summer, and August has been a very family orientated month and a month of the future and new beginnings! 

At the beginning of this month, I had a lovely little phone call, inviting me for an interview, lets just say I was ecstatic! My first actual interview! And as soon as that came I was a nervous wreck! But my nerves were for nothing as I ended up being offered the job, and obviously I accepted!! BLOG POST HERE! I have finally become somewhat independent, and I have started my job and its going great! Everyone is so friendly where I work, if I'm not sure on anything, everyone is so willing to help! A real confident booster for a newbie!

August was also the month that I finally got awarded my GCSE Results BLOG POST HERE!! I passed every single one of my subjects and couldn't be happier!! Hard work really pays off, I worked hard for good grades and I achieved them. If you want something, its never going to be handed to you on a plate, if you want it that much, it has to be worked for!! And that's something that I am very focused on.

I have been extremely social. I have made and spent time with so many people, and are in gratitude for their company! I have spent quality time with my family. I have been to the cinemas and released my true child side (Despicable Me 2 & Monsters University are AMAZING!! A true MUST WATCH!!) I have been out on multiple meals to celebrate my GCSE results. I have been away for a well deserved weekend break BLOG POST HERE. But have also spent time with my friends. And I have enjoyed every minute I have had with everyone of these people that I love.

I have picked up my motivation and am back exercising. I am currently attending a Kettle-Bells class on a Tuesday every week and am at the gym every Sunday, also all the walking in work is a real workout. And in only 2 weeks I have lost 1lbs! (Not a huge achievement but I couldn't be happier!!)

So it is now September and Summer is over. And I must admit, I am glad. We had such a good Summer this year. I have done so many things, been super busy, and the weather has been amazing compared to the almost constant rainfall of last year. I am now ready to wrap up for Autumn and Winter. I'm ready for jumpers and gloves, the cold and frost. And most importantly, the events (Bomb-fire night, Halloween, My birthday, and even more impotently, CHRISTMAS) I realise these things are a long way off, but they are my favourite events of the year! And I cannot wait!! :D

I must admit I really do enjoy these Goodbye blog posts, its a nice way to recap my months, and have a little blog post for a future read! :)

P.S. Every single photograph in this blog was taken and edited by me. I am very passionate about photography. All of these photo's were taken this month! :) HERE is my photography Instagram if you would like to check that out!! :)

Monday, 2 September 2013


Tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd), is the day that I have to go back to school (I AM NOT READY.) This year I sat my GCSE Exams, therefore I had 11 weeks off from school, and I can honestly say that I feel like I need another 11 weeks extra until I feel ready to go back. (I AM NOT READY.) Last year was such a big, stressful year, this Summers break was desperately needed!! I am so grateful that we had such good weather this Summer, seems as it feels like it never stops raining in the UK!!

So this year I'm going into my first year of sixth form at my school, and sixth form is such a huge change from the past years in comprehensive school. There's different lessons, free lessons, new uniform, new privileges, there is just going to be so much change, and I am so nervous for that change. I'm not the sort of person that gets like this. I am always up for new things and enjoy adventures. But something about this step in my life is different. Its like I am actually growing up! I'm going to be 18 next year... YES, EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE!! Its scary isn't it!! It feels like life is pushing me along so fast that I'm not ready to leave the past behind. And I know that the past needs to be left behind  sometimes, but I feel that in my generation, everyone is rushed into growing up, and always having to think of the future, instead of just enjoying the now!

Okay, so I have realised I have rambled all the way into Physiological City, so I think its best if I stop here. 

Stay positive, focus on the future, but enjoy the present. Sixth form will be great, and I will enjoy it to its full potential! :)

Friday, 30 August 2013


So as the Summer comes to and end, the nights draws in and the days until I have to go back to school are in single figures, I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on what my Summer Staples have been this Summer in terms of what products I have been using. So here we go!


VO5 Extreme Style [mattPaste]

So this product is a YEAR ROUND staple for me. It works great for so many different styles, its the wax that I used during every guys 'Justin Bieber' long hair stage, and I still use it now. Every time that I have ventured out on a new wax, I have always reverted back to this one! For how long it lasts its quite cheap, at £4.07 at BOOTS.

VO5 Extreme Style [mattDefinitionSpray]

Because I am such a big fan of the VO5 Extreme Style range, I thought to venture out in this product. Its a cross between wax and hairspray. And I have to say that this product disappoints me. Firstly the product its self, its doesn't do what it says on the bottle, it states "Non-Shiny" and for me it does give my hair a slight shine, and if you use a little to much your hair ends up looking like it needs to be washed again. Another disappointment is the bottle itself. Firstly the spray pump doesn't give a proper 'spray' because the pump gets clogged up with the product and has to be cleaned out quite often, and when your in a rush to get ready this can be quite annoying. Also I have noticed that with the product decreasing inside the bottle, the walls off the bottle have began to 'bow in' as if its being pulled in. I will continue using this product until in runs out, but will not repurchase!! It was a decent price at £4.99 from BOOTS, but will not be repurchased.

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued

This is product is a PERMANENT STAPLE. It is the best hairspray I have come across and has a super hold. It has a great hold and doesn't give your hair that 'crisp' feeling like other hairspray's do. Also unlike other hairspray, this one smells GREAT!! And even with the sturdy hold, its super easy to wash out, no hassle at all!! A definite recommendation!! Its a good price, £4.07 at BOOTS, but currently on promotion for £2.71.


SBC Propolis Gel

This product is a skin care favourite. I'm currently using it on my face to try and combat my spots and blemishes, but can be used on any part of your skin. Its great for heeling skin, in regards to bruising and/or scarring. It works wonders!! Its a great product to have and helps in so many ways!! I must admit that this is a pricey product, starting at £36.00 for 125ml and going up to £99.00 for 500ml, but can be obtained much cheaper on the QVC shopping channel for £18.50 for the 250ml.  


This product was given to me to help my skin. I have quite a lot of spots, and when I get a spot of any sort, it leaves behind a little scars on my face that takes months ans months to disappear! And this product is supposed to help. I have seen results since using this product, but it still hasn't solved my problem completely. It has defiantly improved these 'scars' but they are still there, and new spots come up all the time, therefore new scars. Again this is a product in the higher price bracket, selling at £36.00 from DECLEOR, or 2 bottles for £39.00 over on QVC.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

After reading a post by Daydream in Blue. I came to realise that a moisturiser in a skincare routine is actually quite important. I have tried many different moisturisers but have been disappointed with them as my skin becomes greasy after I have applied. So I came across this oil balancing moisturiser by Simple, and my skin has improved in looks and feel. Now this product is totally affordable for every budget, at £4.27 over at BOOTS.

GARNIER Pre 3in1 Wash + Scrub + Mask

I LOVE this face wash!!! Its great that you get 3 things, a face wash for everyday cleaning of your face, a scrub to get rid of blackheads and dead skin, and a mask which is great at smoothing the skin and drying up any spots you have. It changes on these three things depending on what you do with it. This product was a real impulse buy, the ingredients contain Benzyl Salicytate (Sounds scary I know) but this ingredient is a blend of two ingeriants that are great for getting rid of spots. And the face thats its 3 products in one sealed the deal! A great buy!! Its a good price, £3.99 at BOOTS.


DIOR HOMME SPORT 2008 Eau De Toilette

THIS is my all time favourite fragrance. It consists of top notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon and Elemi Resin, middle notes of Vetiver, Cedar and Ginger, and bottom notes Sandalwood, Rosemary and Lavender. I am very fussy and very picky when it comes to fragrances! And I cant praise this one enough. Its smells so good, so fresh and so citrusy. I very often receive complements when wearing this fragrance. Unfortunately to the utmost sadness, in 2012 Dior reformulated this fragrance and it is not the same. I have half a bottle left of mine and will be hunting online when it all runs out. It was a pricey fragrance, the bottle I have is the 100ml and I purchased it around £60 from the Dior counter at John Lewis. I rushed to buy the big bottle when I heard it had been reformulated, hoping it will last forever.

 BURT'S BEES Honey Lip Balm

Now this lip balm is awesome! It makes your lips feel really good, combats chapped lips amazingly and smells amazing!! I love this!! The tube that I own has lasted my around a year now, and I still have around 1/3 of the tube remaining, even though I use this many times on a daily basis. My chapped lips are gone since I've been using this product! Perfect purchase. This retails at £3.69 and comes in an array of different flavours. 

I surprisingly really enjoyed writing this blog. If anyone actually reads this and has any thoughts or opinions on these products, or have any product recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks:)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


So last week (Thursday 22nd of August, 2013) was the long awaited day that I and many many others across the country received their GSCE results. In the UK, students of Year 11 (15-16 years of age) and sometimes Year 10 (14-15 year of age (depending on the school) take part in multiple examinations to determine the end grade they get for each GSCE course that they done over the last two years. Some people had more subjects than others and this varies in how many GCSE's each individual has. (Filling you in just in case someone was unsure).

So me personally have a total of 10 GCSE'S, 3 Level 2 BTEC's and 1 Level 2 NCFE. At my school there were 9 compulsory GCSE subjects, 2 compulsory BTEC subjects, and then students had a choice of 4 extra subjects from a wide range, which included GCSE's, BTEC's and NCFE's. I'm not going to post here what I had in EVERY EXAM, that would be existing, but my combined GCSE exam grades and GCSE course work determined what final GCSE grade I achieve.

These are the grades that I personally achieved;

GSCE Design & Technology - A*
GSCE Art & Design - A
GSCE English Literature - A
GSCE Information Technology - A
GSCE English Language - B
GSCE Welsh Literature - B
GSCE Religious Studies - B
GSCE Mathematics - C
GSCE Science (A)- C
GSCE Additional Science - C
GSCE Welsh Language - C

BTEC Business Studies - DISTINCTION* (Equivalence to 2 A*'s)
BTEC Home Cooking Skills - PASS (Equivalence to a C)
BTEC Money & Finance Skills - PASS

NCFE Animation - 18 Points (I just know that I passed)

I am SUPER HAPPY with my results, I didn't fail A SINGLE SUBJECT!!! Hard work really does pay off, I am going to blow my own trumpet but I studied so hard for these exams and really put all of my strength, energy and effort into them, and I am super happy with the outcome!! :D

Sunday, 25 August 2013


So every year for the last 4 years or so I have gone on a little family camping break. This year me and my Dad travelled for a long weekend to join my Uncle, Auntie and Cousin on their two week camping trip down on the South Coast of England. To be more precise West Bay, Bridport. Where we stayed was actually the area in where they filmed the popular murder mystery TV series on the BBC earlier this year, Broadchurch.

On our tag along for a 4 day / 3 night break me and my Dad shared a 4 (2) man tent on the Parkdean, West Bay site. The park was pretty basic considering there's a Parkdean holiday site down in a local beach town just down the road to me with so much more, and better facilities. But the West Bay area its self was BEAUTIFUL! It was all you could ask for for a small, quaint, sea-side village. 

There was a harbour full of fishing boats and privately owned boats, among others. There were quaint little stalls all along the harbour selling fish and chips, ice-creams, cream-tea's, you name it! The food from these stalls was soooo good and soooo affordable, such great value for money! Along with the old-timey pubs and quaint sea-sidey establishments, there were super modern apartments right on the sea-front with a beautiful, clean, long seafront walk way/road. The mix of old traditional and modern was so great to see.

We were busy off doing activities pretty much everyday. From going into  town to eat at this GORGEOUS Indian restaurant (it was sooo good!!!) to having a little adventure on a speed boat, zooming across the blue ocean of the Jurassic Coast of the South. And that 15 minute speedboat ride was possibly the highlight of the whole holiday, highly recommendable!! The surrounding areas had gorgeous walks/hikes with amazing views looking across the ocean from the high cliff tops, I could of walked for miles!

It was nice to get away for a weekend, just have a little relax with the part of my family that I only truly spend time with on these camping trips. It was nice to do new things, relax, talk, debate, and most of all have fun now and again. :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013


So long ago back in April I had handed in an application form at a department kind of store down the road from me called OUTFIT. Its a store that sells a variety of brands like Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Topman and more under one roof!! (Just remember that I said April now). 

Well anyway a few weeks ago in mid July I had a phone call from the same store asking me if I was still interested in a job and invited me down for an interview! (At this point I was already bouncing off of the walls as I have NEVER been invited to an INTERVIEW before, regardless of how many countless CV's (application forms) I have given out this year.) So the interview came... And I don't think I have felt that kind of nervous before. I was totally bricking it, I have no idea why I was no nervous about it, its all that I could think about for 2 full days, I couldn't sleep well and I was even a little ill, so yeah, it wasn't the best couple of days... But anyway the interview came, I thought it went really good and I came out of there in a really positive mood thinking of how well that actually went for my first ever interview, and slapping myself for worrying so much about it! 

So a couple of days past, and then a week pasted, and I had pretty much given up on the hope that I had got the job and pushed into the back of mind and thought of it as a good experience. So I went away for a weekend (future blog post coming very soon) and didn't think about it much. 

Last night me and my friends had a little sleepover... (SIDE-NOTE, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE KATY PERRY MOVIE, YOU ARE REALLY MISSING OUT!!!!) So this morning I woke up to my phone vibrating, after waking up thinking "what's that noise?" then realising it was my phone, I picked it up and just stared at it as if I had no idea what it was (NOT THE BEST MORNING PERSON RIGHT HERE...) So after I had come around I realised it was OUTFIT calling me, I rang them back, and to my utmost surprise they offered me a job!! I just bursed into happiness and was pretty speechless really thinking of how much an achievement this was, THIS IS MY FIRST ACTUAL JOB HERE!!

I'm going to be placed on the Dorothy Perkins department on the shop floor dealing with customers, fitting mannequins, making the department look the best as it can be and more! I am so exited!! :D I start on the 31st of this month (August) with an induction and then will work one evening a week and a Saturday, a total of an 8 hour contract!! 

I am soooo happy!! There are also 2 other people that I know who also have got a job there, so it should be fun!! AHHHHHH!!!! :D

Saturday, 3 August 2013


This month has been SUPER BUSY for me, and as July is now over and we welcome the last month of Summer in my books, August. I thought I would put in summary and pictures what my month has consisted of. Inspired by Louise's (Sprinkle Of Glitter) blog post, (Here). 

Making the most of the weeks of heat waves we had here in the UK, I have been to countless very enjoyed BBQ's, two of which were in celebration of birthdays. One was of my lovely niece, Chloe's 15th birthday right at the start of July. And the other was my best friend Paige's older brothers 21'st week last Sunday.

I have travelled to the beach twice, once with family, once with friends. The trip with my friends was, unprepared to say the least. We walked around 30 mins to the beach we wanted to go to, realised that we had brought a very limited amount of food and drink. And for some reason I was one of the fools that volunteered to walk back into town to get it. We were gone for about 2 to 3 HOURS I would say... I did enjoy these trips to the beach, but after these two trips, I think I am loosing my love for the beach. The sand sticking to every inch of your body, the limited room on the beach its self and the screaming children. The park (not the children's play area part) sounds much more appealing to my right now.

A couple of weeks ago, me and a large group of friends decided to get together, and go outside into the wilderness and camp out for the night. It was, and experience. We were all very unprepared and didn't really know what we were doing. Me and my two best friends Kate & Paige, not getting much sleep, at 5am decided to pack up our tents and spend the next 3 hours getting to Tesco and eating food in the Cafe before it even opened. Next time I WILL be more prepared, I hope...

With the odd few days here and there, I have also been working as a labourer for my Dad when his regular labourer wasn't available, fitting UPVC fittings for the company that he works for... All I can say is that it gets me up out and off of the sofa and get a little exercise and a little money.

And we can't forget the countless lay-ins until 12pm can we?! 

From hikes up the mountain with my friends, to walks to the gym with my niece, to walks carrying glass up staircases, July has been an enjoyable and eventful busy month!! :)

P.S. Every single photograph in this blog was taken and edited by me. I am very passionate about photography. Some of these photos where not in fact taken in the month of July, perhaps May or June, but I thought they would look great in this blog past, and its a chance for me to share them! :) HERE is my photography Instagram if you would like to check that out!! :)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


If you know nothing about the HUGELY TRENDING child-star turned twerker Miley Cyrus, I'm sorry to say, but you have been living under a rock...

Plenty of people have more than enough to say about her, a lot positive, mostly negative, I just want to say, that out of the blue I have been OBSESSED with her, and I really don't know why?

I grew up loving Miley from the start. Watching the ever famous Hannah Montana TV series on the Disney Channel, listening to her music, going to see the Hannah Montana Movie in the cinemas. (Okay, I have just realised that I have always been pretty obsessed...)

I just can't get enough Miley!! I read interviews, I read articles about her, I read her tweets, I listen to her music (I think I know every word to We Can't Stop by now,) I even have pictures of her on my wall, I don't know what's happening to me...

From reading stalking her Twitter, I have found out that she is quite a Barb (The name of Nicki Minaj's fanbase) as am I, and hope that herself and Nicki will collaborate in the very near future!!

There's not really much meaning to this blog, just thought I should share my recent Miley obsession to the world. I know obsessing over celebrity culture can be time better spent, but to be quite frank, I don't care.

I would love to know if anyone has their celebrity obsessions or crushes, or what you think on the matter, if someone is actually reading this!! Also, the We Can't Stop video is below!

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!! :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Over the last year and a half, I have been wanting to change my health and fitness regime, and overall my personal appearance. And to be as least modest as I can be, I have. Since January 2012, I have lost my weight lose goal of 2 stone.

Admittedly I have been slacking since I have had my GCSE exams and have lost the motivation to get exercising, and put on those sneaky extra pounds (I wont tell anyone if you don't!) But today, out of nowhere (My sister harassing me for this months gym money) I have found my lost motivation. I am back in the mind-frame of watching what I eat and drink, and what I physically do.

Before anyone makes the presumption that going on a "diet" can be more bad than good, like I have stated, I have undergone this over a long period of time and taken stages in my "diet" slowly and progressing to the next step when I, personally, feel ready to do so.

In January 2012, I was having to go into larger clothing sizes, and was fast approaching the stone of weight that I DID NOT want to be. So I did something about it! For the first 4 or 5 months, all I did was change my diet. I changed what I ate for healthier options, cut down on how much I ate and limiting stacks to a minimum. But the way I done it was I still ate what I enjoyed! I still ate chips, I still ate carbs and dairy. And in that way I didn't get bored of my diet, and I started enjoying my change of diet better than my diet before. I started a food diary, and calculated that I had minimized my average daily calorie intake by around 1000 calories (I seriously ate over the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and very high calorie foods).


Me before I started my "diet" and me now (I hope someone can see at lease a slight change...)

I then started fitness classes with the high motivation of my close family and friends, but mostly my sister Emma. We truly motivated each other to work hard and get what we wanted to achieve, and I truly appreciate what she done to keep me going! As well as the help from my other sister Donna, my niece Chloe and my friends who exercised with me)

After a while I truly started to enjoy exercising! (BIG SURPRISE!!!) In regards to the fitness classes, I started with low intensity classes like Aqua-Aerobics and worked my way up to Aero-Biking/Spin Classes, Circuit Training and a brief encounter with Kettle-Bells and more.

I will admit that since my GCSE exams, I have lost motivation and become a utter lazy slob! My exams came first, and once they ended I vowed to get back to the regime, but I didn't... My diet has slipped a little as I am now off school and am not moving as much as I should. BUT this is changing TODAY! I haven't eaten any high-calorie snacks and have booked a badminton court with my niece Chloe for later today. I have found the motivation that I thought I had lost, and WILL get back on track!

SIDE BY SIDE - These photos were taken
around a year between each other

A "diet" is different for everyone, and everyone finds their own unique way to deal with one. Too me I haven't undergone a diet, but a change of lifestyle that was drastically needed! Like I said, I wanted to loose 2 stone in weight by the time my Year 11 Prom, and I did that! I'm still not happy in how I look or feel, but now my goal is to get my body into what I want it to be.

I'm sorry if this blog entry was a bit long and I rambled on a bit, But I feel as though I needed to post something like this to get me back into my health and fitness mind-frame! 

Thanks to anyone who lovingly taken time out of their day to read this!:)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


So a couple of weeks ago was my end of Year 11 Prom, I've been pretty busy since then and this is the only chance I've had to post. (Not the best beginning of a blog, oops...)

Me and my friends before we left :)

It was an amazing evening, it exceeded my expectations so much, it was nothing like I was expected and enjoyed myself so much more than I though that I would.

The place was decorated beautifully! It was held at the Heritage Park Hotel in the Rhondda, a ten minute drive away from my house. (That was a big plus for me).

The tables (Equipped with party poppers and disposable cameras.)

Our room! 

Everyone looked amazing and so sophisticated and mature in there suits and ball gowns.

Everyone enjoyed the night (as far as I am aware of), and it set a positive atmosphere from the start, and throughout the whole night. The DJ got everyone up on to the dance floor, playing the classing 'kids party songs' and 'Butlins anthems' like The Macarena and The Cha Cha Slide. (Well it got me up anyway and I had a blast!) 

We even had a CANDY CART! Full of sweets and chocolate!! Mmm:)

I truly appreciate my best friend Hannah and her mother, as they organised the true majority of the whole event. They organised everything perfectly, and the fact that everyone enjoyed was a major plus for them. 

Me and my friends had to thank them with a bouquet of flowers each, it was the least we could do!

And on top of that, she even won Prom Queen.

Here are a selected few of my favourite pictures from the night.

Me and my lovely mother, on the left. And me and one of my best
 friends Paige, on the right.

Me and another one of my best friends - Kate.

 Me and my best friend the PROM QUEEN - Hannah.

Me and another one of my best friends - Mollie.

Overall, I had a truly thrilling experience, and will never forget it! :)