Sunday, 25 August 2013


So every year for the last 4 years or so I have gone on a little family camping break. This year me and my Dad travelled for a long weekend to join my Uncle, Auntie and Cousin on their two week camping trip down on the South Coast of England. To be more precise West Bay, Bridport. Where we stayed was actually the area in where they filmed the popular murder mystery TV series on the BBC earlier this year, Broadchurch.

On our tag along for a 4 day / 3 night break me and my Dad shared a 4 (2) man tent on the Parkdean, West Bay site. The park was pretty basic considering there's a Parkdean holiday site down in a local beach town just down the road to me with so much more, and better facilities. But the West Bay area its self was BEAUTIFUL! It was all you could ask for for a small, quaint, sea-side village. 

There was a harbour full of fishing boats and privately owned boats, among others. There were quaint little stalls all along the harbour selling fish and chips, ice-creams, cream-tea's, you name it! The food from these stalls was soooo good and soooo affordable, such great value for money! Along with the old-timey pubs and quaint sea-sidey establishments, there were super modern apartments right on the sea-front with a beautiful, clean, long seafront walk way/road. The mix of old traditional and modern was so great to see.

We were busy off doing activities pretty much everyday. From going into  town to eat at this GORGEOUS Indian restaurant (it was sooo good!!!) to having a little adventure on a speed boat, zooming across the blue ocean of the Jurassic Coast of the South. And that 15 minute speedboat ride was possibly the highlight of the whole holiday, highly recommendable!! The surrounding areas had gorgeous walks/hikes with amazing views looking across the ocean from the high cliff tops, I could of walked for miles!

It was nice to get away for a weekend, just have a little relax with the part of my family that I only truly spend time with on these camping trips. It was nice to do new things, relax, talk, debate, and most of all have fun now and again. :)

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