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So as the Summer comes to and end, the nights draws in and the days until I have to go back to school are in single figures, I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on what my Summer Staples have been this Summer in terms of what products I have been using. So here we go!


VO5 Extreme Style [mattPaste]

So this product is a YEAR ROUND staple for me. It works great for so many different styles, its the wax that I used during every guys 'Justin Bieber' long hair stage, and I still use it now. Every time that I have ventured out on a new wax, I have always reverted back to this one! For how long it lasts its quite cheap, at £4.07 at BOOTS.

VO5 Extreme Style [mattDefinitionSpray]

Because I am such a big fan of the VO5 Extreme Style range, I thought to venture out in this product. Its a cross between wax and hairspray. And I have to say that this product disappoints me. Firstly the product its self, its doesn't do what it says on the bottle, it states "Non-Shiny" and for me it does give my hair a slight shine, and if you use a little to much your hair ends up looking like it needs to be washed again. Another disappointment is the bottle itself. Firstly the spray pump doesn't give a proper 'spray' because the pump gets clogged up with the product and has to be cleaned out quite often, and when your in a rush to get ready this can be quite annoying. Also I have noticed that with the product decreasing inside the bottle, the walls off the bottle have began to 'bow in' as if its being pulled in. I will continue using this product until in runs out, but will not repurchase!! It was a decent price at £4.99 from BOOTS, but will not be repurchased.

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued

This is product is a PERMANENT STAPLE. It is the best hairspray I have come across and has a super hold. It has a great hold and doesn't give your hair that 'crisp' feeling like other hairspray's do. Also unlike other hairspray, this one smells GREAT!! And even with the sturdy hold, its super easy to wash out, no hassle at all!! A definite recommendation!! Its a good price, £4.07 at BOOTS, but currently on promotion for £2.71.


SBC Propolis Gel

This product is a skin care favourite. I'm currently using it on my face to try and combat my spots and blemishes, but can be used on any part of your skin. Its great for heeling skin, in regards to bruising and/or scarring. It works wonders!! Its a great product to have and helps in so many ways!! I must admit that this is a pricey product, starting at £36.00 for 125ml and going up to £99.00 for 500ml, but can be obtained much cheaper on the QVC shopping channel for £18.50 for the 250ml.  


This product was given to me to help my skin. I have quite a lot of spots, and when I get a spot of any sort, it leaves behind a little scars on my face that takes months ans months to disappear! And this product is supposed to help. I have seen results since using this product, but it still hasn't solved my problem completely. It has defiantly improved these 'scars' but they are still there, and new spots come up all the time, therefore new scars. Again this is a product in the higher price bracket, selling at £36.00 from DECLEOR, or 2 bottles for £39.00 over on QVC.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

After reading a post by Daydream in Blue. I came to realise that a moisturiser in a skincare routine is actually quite important. I have tried many different moisturisers but have been disappointed with them as my skin becomes greasy after I have applied. So I came across this oil balancing moisturiser by Simple, and my skin has improved in looks and feel. Now this product is totally affordable for every budget, at £4.27 over at BOOTS.

GARNIER Pre 3in1 Wash + Scrub + Mask

I LOVE this face wash!!! Its great that you get 3 things, a face wash for everyday cleaning of your face, a scrub to get rid of blackheads and dead skin, and a mask which is great at smoothing the skin and drying up any spots you have. It changes on these three things depending on what you do with it. This product was a real impulse buy, the ingredients contain Benzyl Salicytate (Sounds scary I know) but this ingredient is a blend of two ingeriants that are great for getting rid of spots. And the face thats its 3 products in one sealed the deal! A great buy!! Its a good price, £3.99 at BOOTS.


DIOR HOMME SPORT 2008 Eau De Toilette

THIS is my all time favourite fragrance. It consists of top notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon and Elemi Resin, middle notes of Vetiver, Cedar and Ginger, and bottom notes Sandalwood, Rosemary and Lavender. I am very fussy and very picky when it comes to fragrances! And I cant praise this one enough. Its smells so good, so fresh and so citrusy. I very often receive complements when wearing this fragrance. Unfortunately to the utmost sadness, in 2012 Dior reformulated this fragrance and it is not the same. I have half a bottle left of mine and will be hunting online when it all runs out. It was a pricey fragrance, the bottle I have is the 100ml and I purchased it around £60 from the Dior counter at John Lewis. I rushed to buy the big bottle when I heard it had been reformulated, hoping it will last forever.

 BURT'S BEES Honey Lip Balm

Now this lip balm is awesome! It makes your lips feel really good, combats chapped lips amazingly and smells amazing!! I love this!! The tube that I own has lasted my around a year now, and I still have around 1/3 of the tube remaining, even though I use this many times on a daily basis. My chapped lips are gone since I've been using this product! Perfect purchase. This retails at £3.69 and comes in an array of different flavours. 

I surprisingly really enjoyed writing this blog. If anyone actually reads this and has any thoughts or opinions on these products, or have any product recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks:)

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