Saturday, 3 August 2013


This month has been SUPER BUSY for me, and as July is now over and we welcome the last month of Summer in my books, August. I thought I would put in summary and pictures what my month has consisted of. Inspired by Louise's (Sprinkle Of Glitter) blog post, (Here). 

Making the most of the weeks of heat waves we had here in the UK, I have been to countless very enjoyed BBQ's, two of which were in celebration of birthdays. One was of my lovely niece, Chloe's 15th birthday right at the start of July. And the other was my best friend Paige's older brothers 21'st week last Sunday.

I have travelled to the beach twice, once with family, once with friends. The trip with my friends was, unprepared to say the least. We walked around 30 mins to the beach we wanted to go to, realised that we had brought a very limited amount of food and drink. And for some reason I was one of the fools that volunteered to walk back into town to get it. We were gone for about 2 to 3 HOURS I would say... I did enjoy these trips to the beach, but after these two trips, I think I am loosing my love for the beach. The sand sticking to every inch of your body, the limited room on the beach its self and the screaming children. The park (not the children's play area part) sounds much more appealing to my right now.

A couple of weeks ago, me and a large group of friends decided to get together, and go outside into the wilderness and camp out for the night. It was, and experience. We were all very unprepared and didn't really know what we were doing. Me and my two best friends Kate & Paige, not getting much sleep, at 5am decided to pack up our tents and spend the next 3 hours getting to Tesco and eating food in the Cafe before it even opened. Next time I WILL be more prepared, I hope...

With the odd few days here and there, I have also been working as a labourer for my Dad when his regular labourer wasn't available, fitting UPVC fittings for the company that he works for... All I can say is that it gets me up out and off of the sofa and get a little exercise and a little money.

And we can't forget the countless lay-ins until 12pm can we?! 

From hikes up the mountain with my friends, to walks to the gym with my niece, to walks carrying glass up staircases, July has been an enjoyable and eventful busy month!! :)

P.S. Every single photograph in this blog was taken and edited by me. I am very passionate about photography. Some of these photos where not in fact taken in the month of July, perhaps May or June, but I thought they would look great in this blog past, and its a chance for me to share them! :) HERE is my photography Instagram if you would like to check that out!! :)


  1. These pictures look gorgeous! You definitely have a knack for photography! I just came across this blog & I'm very glad I did. Earned another follower :)

    xLeah Symonnex

    1. Thank you so much for this very kind comment!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, thank you very much!!! :)