Monday, 9 September 2013


I do realise that's its now September 9th, but being back at school and starting a new job has drasticly taken up most of my time, and I have not had much chance to post my 'Goodbye August' post, but HERE I AM!! ;)

So August for me is the month we say goodbye to Summer, and August has been a very family orientated month and a month of the future and new beginnings! 

At the beginning of this month, I had a lovely little phone call, inviting me for an interview, lets just say I was ecstatic! My first actual interview! And as soon as that came I was a nervous wreck! But my nerves were for nothing as I ended up being offered the job, and obviously I accepted!! BLOG POST HERE! I have finally become somewhat independent, and I have started my job and its going great! Everyone is so friendly where I work, if I'm not sure on anything, everyone is so willing to help! A real confident booster for a newbie!

August was also the month that I finally got awarded my GCSE Results BLOG POST HERE!! I passed every single one of my subjects and couldn't be happier!! Hard work really pays off, I worked hard for good grades and I achieved them. If you want something, its never going to be handed to you on a plate, if you want it that much, it has to be worked for!! And that's something that I am very focused on.

I have been extremely social. I have made and spent time with so many people, and are in gratitude for their company! I have spent quality time with my family. I have been to the cinemas and released my true child side (Despicable Me 2 & Monsters University are AMAZING!! A true MUST WATCH!!) I have been out on multiple meals to celebrate my GCSE results. I have been away for a well deserved weekend break BLOG POST HERE. But have also spent time with my friends. And I have enjoyed every minute I have had with everyone of these people that I love.

I have picked up my motivation and am back exercising. I am currently attending a Kettle-Bells class on a Tuesday every week and am at the gym every Sunday, also all the walking in work is a real workout. And in only 2 weeks I have lost 1lbs! (Not a huge achievement but I couldn't be happier!!)

So it is now September and Summer is over. And I must admit, I am glad. We had such a good Summer this year. I have done so many things, been super busy, and the weather has been amazing compared to the almost constant rainfall of last year. I am now ready to wrap up for Autumn and Winter. I'm ready for jumpers and gloves, the cold and frost. And most importantly, the events (Bomb-fire night, Halloween, My birthday, and even more impotently, CHRISTMAS) I realise these things are a long way off, but they are my favourite events of the year! And I cannot wait!! :D

I must admit I really do enjoy these Goodbye blog posts, its a nice way to recap my months, and have a little blog post for a future read! :)

P.S. Every single photograph in this blog was taken and edited by me. I am very passionate about photography. All of these photo's were taken this month! :) HERE is my photography Instagram if you would like to check that out!! :)


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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sorry to have taken so much time to respond. I have a blog post written and ready to post!! :)