Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Over the last year and a half, I have been wanting to change my health and fitness regime, and overall my personal appearance. And to be as least modest as I can be, I have. Since January 2012, I have lost my weight lose goal of 2 stone.

Admittedly I have been slacking since I have had my GCSE exams and have lost the motivation to get exercising, and put on those sneaky extra pounds (I wont tell anyone if you don't!) But today, out of nowhere (My sister harassing me for this months gym money) I have found my lost motivation. I am back in the mind-frame of watching what I eat and drink, and what I physically do.

Before anyone makes the presumption that going on a "diet" can be more bad than good, like I have stated, I have undergone this over a long period of time and taken stages in my "diet" slowly and progressing to the next step when I, personally, feel ready to do so.

In January 2012, I was having to go into larger clothing sizes, and was fast approaching the stone of weight that I DID NOT want to be. So I did something about it! For the first 4 or 5 months, all I did was change my diet. I changed what I ate for healthier options, cut down on how much I ate and limiting stacks to a minimum. But the way I done it was I still ate what I enjoyed! I still ate chips, I still ate carbs and dairy. And in that way I didn't get bored of my diet, and I started enjoying my change of diet better than my diet before. I started a food diary, and calculated that I had minimized my average daily calorie intake by around 1000 calories (I seriously ate over the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and very high calorie foods).


Me before I started my "diet" and me now (I hope someone can see at lease a slight change...)

I then started fitness classes with the high motivation of my close family and friends, but mostly my sister Emma. We truly motivated each other to work hard and get what we wanted to achieve, and I truly appreciate what she done to keep me going! As well as the help from my other sister Donna, my niece Chloe and my friends who exercised with me)

After a while I truly started to enjoy exercising! (BIG SURPRISE!!!) In regards to the fitness classes, I started with low intensity classes like Aqua-Aerobics and worked my way up to Aero-Biking/Spin Classes, Circuit Training and a brief encounter with Kettle-Bells and more.

I will admit that since my GCSE exams, I have lost motivation and become a utter lazy slob! My exams came first, and once they ended I vowed to get back to the regime, but I didn't... My diet has slipped a little as I am now off school and am not moving as much as I should. BUT this is changing TODAY! I haven't eaten any high-calorie snacks and have booked a badminton court with my niece Chloe for later today. I have found the motivation that I thought I had lost, and WILL get back on track!

SIDE BY SIDE - These photos were taken
around a year between each other

A "diet" is different for everyone, and everyone finds their own unique way to deal with one. Too me I haven't undergone a diet, but a change of lifestyle that was drastically needed! Like I said, I wanted to loose 2 stone in weight by the time my Year 11 Prom, and I did that! I'm still not happy in how I look or feel, but now my goal is to get my body into what I want it to be.

I'm sorry if this blog entry was a bit long and I rambled on a bit, But I feel as though I needed to post something like this to get me back into my health and fitness mind-frame! 

Thanks to anyone who lovingly taken time out of their day to read this!:)


  1. I've just recently started doing Slimming World which I've found really easy for weight loss. I've been combining it with high intensity cardio workouts in the house and I've really been seeing results. You can definitely see the difference between your photos, congrats! Thank you for the inspiration. Reading your post, I now want to give a spin class a go, which I never thought I'd say!

    1. Hey!!:) I haven't tried out Slimming World, what's it like?? Aww thank you so much, that really means so much to me to hear that!! You really should give spin a go!! Its very high intensity and really does pay off!! :)